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Our Background


Lying along the east bank of the winding Swift Creek, sixteen miles to the northeast of New Bern, sixteen miles to the south of Washington, and twenty-six miles to the southeast of Greenville lies the town of Vanceboro, North Carolina.

Vanceboro was first a small village known as Durgantown.  It was established about 1750 with ten families living near the fork of the Greenville and Washington roads.  In 1800 the first public building was erected on land in the fork of the road.  This building was called the Post Oak Meeting House.  This log building was used as a free church.

Around 1850 Durgantown changed its name to Swift Creek.  The village had grown from the fork in the north toward the creek which was south.  This influenced the change of the name.  There were three landings along the creek to serve the steamboats that traveled twice weekly to New Bern.

In 1876 Zebulon B. Vance came through Swift Creek and made a campaign speech for Governor.  This visit won him many friends and votes.  In 1877, the citizens of Swift Creek renamed their village Vanceboro in honor of Governor Vance.


Today, the Town of Vanceboro covers approximately 1176.29 acres in Craven County and has a modest population of approximately 1020, according to the 2010 Census.  Vanceboro is a community built on small town values.

The Town operates under the Mayor-Council form of government. Under this form of government, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen are responsible for setting policy for the Town. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen hire a Town Clerk who is responsible for implementing Board policy and managing the day to day operations of the Town.

Vanceboro elections are held every four years for the Mayor and Aldermen. These elections are non-partisan and are held at-large rather than by district. The Board of Aldermen meet the first Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Board Room. The Town also has a Planning and Zoning Board which meets on an as needed basis.

The Town staff makes every effort to provide the highest quality and most affordable services possible and to offer excellent customer service to all of its residents. Town services include water, sewer, police, solid waste management, street maintenance, storm water management, and parks. Questions or suggestions concerning Town services may be directed to Town staff at 244-0919.

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