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The Town of Vanceboro owns and maintains two cemeteries. Vanceboro Cemetery located on Mill Road and Celestial Memorial Gardens located at 7715 Main Street just outside of the Town Limits.

Vanceboro Cemetery consists of the old section that has no availability, and a newer section that opened in 1995 with available plots. 

Celestial Memorial Gardens has three (3) old sections that have no availability, and two (2) newer sections with available plots. At this time, the cost for a 5’ x 10’ plot is $650.00 for residents of Vanceboro and $800.00 for non-residents, and the cost for opening/closing of a grave is $900.00 and an urn is $325.00.

There are to be no walls of any kind built, no cement slabs, no fences and no trees/flowers planted. All flower frames and pots must be removed within 30 days after funeral.The Town of Vanceboro requires a 48 hour notice to mark plots for opening/closing and placement of monuments. Please call the office at 244-0919 when you need a plot marked.

Our cemeteries are maintained and cared for in a manner which respects a family’s desire for reverence and a sense of dignity for the final resting place of their loved ones.

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